Start a new trend

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Start a new trend. Stop saying ‘Sorry’ instead say ‘Thanks’. Like in place of ‘Sorry I am late’ say ‘Thank you for waiting for me’. This will shift the way you think and of yourself and improve your relationships with others who get to receive your ‘Gratitude’ instead of ‘Negativity’.


One thought on “Start a new trend

    Sparkyjen said:
    April 26, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    It’s funny that you should mention starting this new trend. I like it, and will use it whenever I show up late in the future. I usually don’t. It’s my lovely girlfriends that are almost always late. When they let me know this, I could chide them for being so consistent, but I don’t. I usually show my appreciation for them arriving safe instead.

    I’m not much for using “negative” words. I prefer cultivating positive thoughts, about myself and others. I feel that we do the best we can where we are right now. And I have noticed that in the case of my girlfriends a noticeable difference in their arrival times as a result.


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