Even Luck has to work

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If u don’t fight for what u want,
don’t cry for what u lost…

Nothing depends on luck, Everything depends on work because, Even Luck has to work.


Live your life to the fullest!

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Life is a Fingerprint that can not be duplicated.
So make the Best impression with it. Live it. Love it. Don’t waste a single moment in your life,
Because Time has no holiday.
Dreams have no expiry date.
And Life has no pause button.

Keep it safe

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Money is a small coin,
Health is a big coin,
Love is a lucky coin,
Friendship is a sweet coin,
Relationship is a “Gold” coin
Keep it safe


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Wonderful thing about TIME is.
That We Cannot Waste it in Advance.
No Matter What has Happened to Us in Past,
Our Future is Still Available.

We are nothing without each other

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At times, we try to take credit for our present achievements, but this could also be because of a person right next to us.

Look around you – Probably someone is there around you, in the form of Your Parents, Your Spouse, Your Children, Your Siblings, Your friends, etc, who are saving you from harm..!

Think About it..

You will surely find that Person..!!
Beautiful Lines

”Alone I can ‘Say’ but
together we can ‘talk’.

‘Alone I can ‘Enjoy’ but
together we can

‘Alone I can ‘Smile’ but
together we can ‘Laugh’.

That’s the BEAUTY of
Human Relations.

Isn’t it!

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Everyone may not be nice but there is something nice in everyone”
Never keep a fixed image for anyone “because people act differently with different people..


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FAITH is a small word
but has supreme implications”
The problem today is that …….
People have Doubts in their Faith
have Full Faith in their Doubts.
Have Faith in Yourself….!!!