Have a Wonderful Day!!

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You’ll never be brave
if you don’t get hurt.
You’ll never learn
if you don’t make mistakes.
You’ll never be successful
if you don’t encounter failure.
What you do today
Can improve
All your tomorrows!!


YOU Being the Key Person

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Making Memorable Moments for Yourself is not a Big Thing.

But YOU Being the Key Person in Others Memorable Moments is an Everlasting Thing!


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‘Enjoy’ every moment of life.

Don’t save it.

There is no system to get a refund on an unused life.


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Always have a unique character like SALT,

its presence is never felt…

Even Luck has to work

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If u don’t fight for what u want,
don’t cry for what u lost…

Nothing depends on luck, Everything depends on work because, Even Luck has to work.

Live your life to the fullest!

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Life is a Fingerprint that can not be duplicated.
So make the Best impression with it. Live it. Love it. Don’t waste a single moment in your life,
Because Time has no holiday.
Dreams have no expiry date.
And Life has no pause button.

Keep it safe

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Money is a small coin,
Health is a big coin,
Love is a lucky coin,
Friendship is a sweet coin,
Relationship is a “Gold” coin
Keep it safe