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Success isn’t about what you accomplish in your life,

it’s about what you inspire others to do!


A Smile

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It’s better to let go with a smile in face than to hold on with tears in eyes.

So True!

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Stop being pushed by your problems and be

led by your dreams!

Let the Universe serve it…

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Believe you deserve it

and the universe will

serve it!

Isn’t that true?

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We’re so distracted by how things end, we usually forget how beautiful the beginning was…

Nobody is perfect

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Never leave a true relation for few faults…

Nobody is perfect.

Nobody is correct at the end.

Affection is always greater than perfection!

The Importance of a Good Person

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The importance of a good person in our life

is like the importance of our heart beats…!

Though they are not loud,

they silently support our life!